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ActiveTM allows you to use bilingual documents as if they were translation memories. To use a bilingual document as ActiveTM, you need to add the document to a LiveDocs corpus on the LiveDocs pane of Project home.

Use ActiveTM extensively if you have a smaller number of relatively frequently changing documents where there are omissions, too. ActiveTM prevents the pollution of translation memories with possible questionable content. Once you finish a project, you can also move your translated documents into a LiveDocs corpus by clicking Add to LiveDocs on the Translations pane of Project home.

ActiveTM bilingual documents can be imported on the LiveDocs pane of Project home by clicking Add document or Import bilingual. ActiveTM documents are available immediately after import for use in matching. You can edit an ActiveTM document by clicking View/Edit on the LiveDocs ribbon tab or by right-clicking on the match in the Translation results pane.