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When you create a project through the New memoQ project wizard, you can add one source language and one target language to it. However, in many cases there are more than one target languages in a translation project. You can add these languages and specify the ways they are added in the Add new target language dialog.


How to begin

You can invoke the Add new target language dialog by choosing Add new target language in the Overview pane of Project home, for both online and local projects. There are two variations of the dialog: you can add one or multiple target languages in one go. You can switch between the modes by clicking Add single language or Add multiple languages.


In single language mode, select a language from the New language drop-down list.

In multiple languages mode, select the languages you want to add from the New languages list.

You can specify the way new target languages are added in the Options section. memoQ offers the following options:

Translate existing documents into the new language: This option is selected by default. Deselect it if you do not want the new language to be added to all documents in the project. Once you deselect it, the rest of the options in this dialog become unavailable, and the project will show no translation documents if you select the new target language in Project home.

Base segmentation on this existing language: Documents in the project are already segmented in one way or another. If you decide that all documents in the project should be translated into the new target language, you have to select one of the existing languages to provide segmentation rules for the new one. Choose this reference language from the drop-down list.

Duplicate views from selected language: If there are existing views in your project (e.g., different sections of a book assigned to different translators), you may want to add them to the new target language as well. The same language you selected for segmentation will serve as a base for this process.

Leave target blank: Choose this radio button to open existing documents for translation into the new target language with empty segments on the target side .

Copy target from this language: Choose this radio button to open existing documents for translation into the new target language with segments on the target side filled  with translations from another target language in the project - the same that you have chosen as a segmentation reference.


Click OK to add the new target languages to the project. Click Cancel to close the dialog without any changes made.


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