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If you have a monlingual or bilingual corpus document, you can add a term from this corpus document to your term base.

How to begin

You can invoke the Create term base entry dialog to add a term from the corpus document:

from the open corpus document tab, on the Translation ribbon tab, choose Store Selection > Add Term. or by pressing Ctrl+E after selecting the word in the corpus document. Then the Create term base entry dialog appears. If you want to add definitions and notes to the terms, press the More>> button to see the longer version of the dialog.

When you add a term from a monolingual corpus document, then the documents language is the project's source language; the term will be added to the term base as source language of the project. The target language of the term is then the main target language of the project.

Note: The Lookup term and concordance options on the Translation ribbon tab will only work in bilingual projects.


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