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Alerts help you to identify projects with missed deadlines, not yet launched projects, etc. The Alerts pane enables you to see project issues directly in the Dashboard without opening individual projects. You can also take action, e.g. reassigning a user for a missed deadline.

Note: Alerts are only available for online projects (it is grayed out for local projects) and when you have the project manager edition of memoQ. Alerts are not visible in the translator pro edition.


How to begin

Invoke the Alerts pane in connecting to your memoQ server, then select an online project in your Dashboard. Click the Alerts button () to display alerts, click this button again to hide alerts:

Alerts for one selected project

Alerts for several selected projects

The top part of the Alerts pane contains the selected project name. If your project name is very long, memoQ shortens the name in using an ellipsis.

If you have selected several projects, the projects are listed by name. Hover over a project, then click the Open link to open this project. Or click the Details link to display the alert details for the project you just hover over.

Alerts are sorted by 3 severity levels:

The red triangle represents an error, e.g. missed deadline or an automatic action failed.

The orange form represents a warning, e.g. project not yet checked out by a user or slow progress based on the given deadline.

The blue form represent an information. An information alert does not require your immediate attention. Such alert type are documents that are ready for export in an online project.

The alerts icons are clickable to filter the alerts list based on error, warning or information:

Click on an icon to only display this alert type in the alerts list.

In the Alerts pane, the alert type is followed by the user name in brackets, if applicable. FirstAccept failed alerts do not have a user name while task automation failed alerts (when you for example use a project template and have specified automated actions) do have a user name. An alert disappears if you have taken action (e.g. reassigning a user, postpone a deadline). Alerts can progress from only being a warning to an error. Alerts, that no longer apply, disappear from the Alerts pane. Such disappearing alerts can be that the assigned user checked out the project.

Alert type summary

Alert type


Showing user

Additional information


Documents are available for export





Slow progress



Deadline and Progress

Contact user, reassign, extend deadline, dismiss

FirstAccept failed



FirstAccept deadline

Reassign, dismiss

Project not checked out




Contact user, reassign, extend deadline, dismiss

Missed deadline




Contact user, reassign, extend deadline, dismiss

automated action failed



Timestamp, automated action trigger task



Click the Dismiss All command at the bottom of the Alerts pane to dismiss all alerts. Click the Open Project command to open the project and to deal with the alerts.

Click the Show all link in the upper right corner of the Alerts pane to show all alerts.

Hover over an alert to display more commands:

Send email, Reassign, Change deadline, Dismiss

Click the Send email to send an e-mail to this user. Make sure you have associated an e-mail address with this user. Check in the Server administrator > User management.

Click the Reassign command to reassign the work to another user.

Click the Change deadline command to change the deadline:

Click One day to extend the deadline for one more day; or Three days or One week. You can also manually enter a new deadline. Click OK to apply the new deadline.

Click the X button to dismiss this alert.