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In this dialog, you can control how memoQ attempts to correct accidental typos while you are typing. In addition to use "smart quotes", correct accidental capitalization, you can also manage and edit your AutoCorrect lists, directly from the translation editor.


How to begin

On the Translations ribbon, click Translation Settings, and from the menu, choose AutoCorrect. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Shift+O to open this dialog.


Smart quotes and capitalization section:

Replace "straight" quotes with smart quotes: Check this check box if you want straight quotation marks - the ones you can type by pressing the " button on your keyboard - to be replaced automatically with more arched quotation marks in order to follow typographic conventions.

Correct TWo INitial CApitals: Check this check box to change the second letter of a word from capital to small case. If you do not depress the SHIFT key fast enough, AutoCorrect corrects it automatically.

Note: You can not add an exception list as you may know it from MS Word.

Correct accidental usage of cAPS lOCK key: Check this check box to correct the accidental usage of the CAPS LOCK key on your keyboard. When you start typing in a segment, memoQ checks for a small case letter followed by two capitals. If memoQ finds this pattern, it checks whether the CAPS LOCK key is switched on. If you switched on the CAPS LOCK key, memoQ reverts the cases in the text that you typed up to that point. Please note that memoQ will only correct it at the beginning of a segment.

Capitalize first letter of target segments: Check this check box to make sure that the first letter each target segment is always uppercase. You can refine this by checking the Only when source is capitalized check box: if this is checked, memoQ will not change the target segment if the source segment does not start with a capital letter.choose to do this only if the first letter of the source segment is capitalized.

AutoCorrect lists section:

In this list, you can select one or more of the available AutoCorrect lists to use in your current translation document. Click the New list link to create a new AutoCorrect list. Select a list, and click the Delete list to delete this list.

Add: Click this button to add a new item to the list of AutoCorrect rules.

Note: All items in a list are displayed in the bottom section of the dialog.  Use the editing interface above the list view to add new items to the selected list by entering the item you want to be replaced into the first field and the one you want it to be replaced with into the second one.

Replace: Click this button to replace the selected item with a new one you have already typed into the Replace or With field.

Delete: Click this button to remove the selected item from the selected AutoCorrect list.


Click Close once you finished editing the AutoCorrect lists.