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When you as the project manager set up an online project, you choose the resources such as the TMs and term bases, and you import the translatable documents In an online project, you manage the entire life of each document in the Translations pane of the memoQ online project dialog.

Maybe you are one of the project managers who set up the projects manually and/or configure project templates to be used by others. But maybe you are the other kind of project manager who likes to use such a project template created by your colleague, or who would like to have the least amount of clicks for project creation and management. If you belong to the second group, then the autopilot function may come in handy. When you created an online project from a project template, the Autopilot is on by default. Click the Turn off autopilot icon () in the upper left corner of the memoQ online project to turn off the autopilot; you cannot turn it on again.

Note: When you are a project manager for this project or an administrator, you can turn off the autopilot in clicking the icon again.

Note: When you use a project template to create your online project, then Autopilot is on.

When you go to the Overview pane, and the project is an autopilot project, then click the Project settings tab to display the complete list of resources and settings of the project, and the automated steps from the project template.

When a project is on autopilot, heavy/light resources and options are hidden. You only see the Overview, Translations, People, Packages (if it is a package based project), History and Reports panes.

The following tasks are automated through templates:

Confirm and update rows

Asia online


LQA statistics (it is only visible when it is not included as an automation task in the project template)



The Project automation tab is only visible when you created your project from a template. On this tab, you see all project template settings. When you turn off the autopilot, automated actions are still executed. Use the Project automation tab to turn off automated actions as well.

Click the Turn off automation button to turn off automated actions that you predefined in your project template. If you turn off all automated actions, you for example now need to run pre-translation manually.

Note: If you have a content-connected project, then these tasks are also not visible when you use a project template.


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