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In the Check out online project dialog, you can check a memoQ server if it has online projects where you have work to do. If it has, you can take the project – its documents and resources – and start working on it. When you check out an online project, memoQ will create a local copy of the project. memoQ keeps the local copy and the online project on the server synchronized.

You can also use the Check out online project dialog to download a package if you are allowed access to the memoQ server of your customer or vendor.

How to begin

On the Project ribbon tab, click Check Out From Server.


First, you need to connect to the remote server. In the Server URL box, type the name or the IP address of the memoQ server you need to access. If you have worked with that server earlier, you can choose it if you pull down the list in the Server URL box. Once the server name is filled in, click Select.

memoQ might display a login dialog, asking for your user name or password on the memoQ server. This will not happen if this is not the first time you connect to that server - when you log in to a memoQ server for the first time, it will save your user name and password.

After you click the Select button (and log in to memoQ server if necessary), memoQ displays a list of online projects and packages. Packages show up only if you are allowed to work from packages on that server.

A project or a package will be on the list if it contains at least one document assigned to you in any role (Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2). memoQ also displays projects where you are the project manager.

You can filter the project list by typing words from the project name or the description.

You can also sort the list by deadline, name or creation date. Choose the sorting field from the drop-down box next to the Filter project name or description box. If you need to reverse the sorting order, choose the active field once again.

Click the project you need to check out. Then, change these options if necessary:

Project name: This will be the name of the project on your machine, and it will be different from the name of the online project - because it is not the same: it only has those documents where you have work to do. Documents assigned to other people will not appear here.

Normally, the default name will do. When you check out an online project, memoQ will create a local project with that name, and that local project will have local copies of the documents. But if you have checked out this project earlier, or you have a local project of the same name, memoQ will warn you that the project name is already taken. When this happens, you can change the local project name in this text box.

If there is already a local project by the name in the Project name box, you will also see an Open link: when you click that, memoQ will open the existing project, instead of checking it out from the server again.

Note: By default, memoQ adds your user name to the name of the local projects (see the screenshot above). In most cases, this helps you avoid a name conflict if you already have a local project with the same name.

Project path: Change the folder path in this text box or press the ellipsis button to select another folder for the checked-out local project. By default, memoQ will save the local project to the same folder where local projects exist. You should not change this folder path: scattering your projects in various folders will make it difficult to back up your projects later on.

Important: Do not use this dialog to refresh/update the contents of an online project that was checked out earlier. To update the contents, simply open the checked-out local project: memoQ will automatically upload and download any changes to the project documents. The same happens if you open a document, or click the Synchronize Project button on the Documents ribbon tab. If automatic synchronization is enabled, memoQ will automatically synchronize the project and its resources. To check if automatic synchronization is active, go to the Documents ribbon tab, and click the Synchronization Behavior icon. You can also switch between manual and automatic synchronization here.

memoQ doesn't download preview and export skeleton: When you check out an online project, memoQ will not download the preview data and the skeleton that is necessary to export the finished translation. memoQ will download these when you open the document for translation, or when you attempt to export the document. This way the project is checked out faster, and you can start working sooner.


To check out the project, click the Check out project link next to the project name.

If you are allowrd to download a package, you can click the Download as package link to begin the download.

Click Cancel or to leave the Check out online project dialog without checking out a project.


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