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Concordance is a tool that allows you to look up specific words or sequences of words directly in the active translation memories. All entries containing the expression are then presented in a way that you can easily see the context in which they appear. Besides a sequence of words, you can also search for parts of words, or segments that contain all the words you specified. Using the concordance feature, you can search for text in the source-language and target-language entries of translation memories or LiveDocs corpora.

The results pane displays the translation memory entries where the search expressions occur. The first search expression will always appear in the middle, with the context to the left and to the right, and the other search expressions highlighted. If you think you can use one of the results in your target text, click Insert selected and it is inserted straight away. When you do this, the dialog closes automatically.

If you select the source text before invoking concordance, the Text field will automatically be filled in with the selected text, and the results with the default settings will automatically appear. If you find that there are too many results, you can filter them by entering any text into the filter field and pressing Enter.


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