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A content management system is a computer application that stores and maintains a structure of text items. Normally, both the format and the logical structure of text is controlled by the content management system. The logical structure can be similar to a folder hierarchy on a computer, but it can also be a complex database where text items or text snippets are equipped with keywords and other descriptive details.

A content management system can be as simple as a version control system for file folders (mostly for storing source code files for programming, and their version histories). An example for a version control system is SubVersion.

memoQ can use a content management system as a content source through a program called the content connector. Each content management system can be accessed using a different method. However, memoQ does not need to know the specific methods because the content connector hides this. memoQ communicates with an abstract 'content source' that is provided by the content connector service.

At the time of writing, the Wikipedia definition of Content Management System is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_management_system.