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A content source is a folder or another type of container that contains documents (or other text items) that need translation.

A good example of a content source is a folder on a computer where you save documents you receive in e-mail. memoQ can be set up to watch this folder as a content source: when you receive a new document to translate, and you save it in the folder, memoQ automatically imports the new document, and adds it to your project.

To watch a folder or another content source in memoQ, you need to set up a content-connected project.

A content source can also be a content management system (CMS) or a part of the structure managed by the content management system. The content management system can be a complex database or a version control system such as SubVersion or GIT.

At the time of writing, memoQ can work with two types of content sources:

File folders on local and remote computers

SubVersion repositories or folders within SubVersion repositories