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If you add a lot of documents to a LiveDocs corpus, memoQ indexes the new documents in a background process. If there is a large amount of text to index, it might slow down memoQ, or eventually, the entire computer. Using the Corpus indexing overview dialog, you can see the status of the indexing process for each LiveDocs corpus, and you can temporarily suspend the indexing operation if you need your computer to run faster.


How to begin

From the Application menu, choose Resources > Corpus Indexing.


There is a 'power button' in the top left corner of the dialog. If it shows a green 'on' sign, the indexing process is enabled. In this case, the button looks like this:

Click this button to suspend the indexing process. The button will look like this:

Click the button again to resume the indexing process.


Click Close to leave the dialog. The indexing will continue if the button shows 'on' when you click Close. The indexing will remain suspended if the button shows 'off' when you click Close.