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In this dialog, you can prepare new light resources and add them to the current project. Although the name of the dialog is subject to change to reflect the type of resource, its structure always remains the same.


How to begin

You can invoke this dialog by clicking Create new in any pane (except for translation memories and term bases) of the Resource console or Create/use new under the list view of the Settings pane of Project home.


The upper part of the window displays the type of the light resource you are creating. A pair of  radio buttons enable you choose the location where you want to create the new light resource – on the local computer or a remote server. The name of the available server is also displayed here.

Name: Enter the name of the light resource you are creating. You cannot create a new light resource without naming it.

Language: When creating language-specific resources, you should define the language of the new light resource by selecting it from a drop-down list.

Description: Type any text to describe the newly created resource.

Read-only: Select this check box if you do not want the created resource to be altered in any way.


Click OK to have memoQ clear translations under the conditions you set. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without any change in any translation document.