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The Edit distance statistics -settings report allows you to create a new report that shows the edited distance of the current match and the inserted match. Reports are always saved automatically when you create them and can be retrieved later.

How to begin

You can invoke this dialog by clicking Create new report now under the Edit distance statistics section on the Reports tab of the Overview pane of Project home.


This dialog consists of 4 sections:

Versions section:

Choose the Inserted matches vs. current translations radio button to compare the edit distance from the inserted match versus the current translation of a segment.

Choose the Calculate distance between... radio button, then choose which distance (compare the roles): the edit distance from the Translator role to the Reviewer 1 role, from the Translator role to the Reviewer 2 role, from the Reviewer 1 role to the Reviewer 2 role or compare the last delivered version against the current text of the document.

Word counts section:

Choose whether to base the word count on memoQ counting or Trados 2007-like.

See Statistics dialog.

Distance measurement section:

Choose the Levenshtein radio button to get a file by file report with a summary. When you choose the Fuzzy radio button, then you get a fuzzy breakdown of edited segments. Fuzzy edit distance is when you compare versions against the inserted matches with the current status row by row. The last delivered roles are used to compare document versions.

Comment for report section:

Optional comment for report: Enter a comment that describes the reason why you created the report. It will be displayed in the report and can give you information.


Click OK to generate the report. Click Cancel to close the dialog box without generating the report.