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In this dialog, you can start creating an online project.

Important: You need the project manager edition of memoQ to access this feature. You also need to be connected to a memoQ server.

How to begin

On the Project ribbon tab, choose Manage projects. The Manage projects dialog appears. In the Server URL box, select or type the address of the memoQ server where you want to create the project. memoQ displays the list of projects stored on that server. Click the Create online project link below the list.

Step 1: Name, details, and (optionally) content source

Step 2: Languages


Step 3: Workflow settings

Step 4: Checkout and communication options

After you complete the wizard, memoQ will create an empty project on the server.

The New memoQ project wizard is only the first step to create an online project. You still need to open the project in the memoQ online project dialog (you can do this from the Manage projects dialog). In the memoQ online project dialog, you will be able to add users, add and assign documents, translation memories, term bases, configure project settings (including e-mail notifications), and monitor the progress of the project.

See also: For more information on setting up an online project, see the topics Create a new online project.


To proceed to the next wizard page, click Next. To step back to the previous wizard page, click Back. Click Finish to close the wizard and create the project. Click Cancel to leave the wizard without creating the online project.