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When a project is recorded in Language Terminal, you can calculate the price of your work, and send your quote to your client – through Language Terminal.

No longer under Statistics: You cannot create a quote in the Statistics dialog any longer. Instead, you can choose a price when you create a project, and you can change the price and send your quote from the Finances page of Project home.

No Language Terminal connection for online projects: In memoQ 2015 (build 7.8.100 and higher), you cannot record online projects in Language Terminal, and you cannot assign tasks to Language Terminal users. This is temporary: Language Terminal capability will return to online projects in a later version of memoQ.

How to begin

You can choose a price while you create the project – and you can change it afterwards.

When you create a local project, check the Record my work in Language Terminal check box on the first wizard page. memoQ will continue with a pricing page in the wizard.

To quote a price in an existing project – one that was recorded in Language Terminal –, click the Finances icon under Project home. This icon is available only in local projects connected to Language Terminal.


Set a price when creating your project


Setting a price and sending a quote in an existing project