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memoQ has two communication features: a live chat, and discussions. Both are accessible through the Communication tab, which is accessible in online projects in the Settings pane of Project home.

Chat is only available if the user is working in the checked out copy of an online project. Chat messages are not stored anywhere; they perish when the Communication tab is closed.  In the project, you can see when users are currently online, offline, or online but inactive.

Note: If an online project has the communication feature enabled, it always had one project forum associated with it. Forums  were replaced with Discussions in memoQ 2013. The old forum contents can be migrated when the memoQ server is migrated, and its contents can then be stored in a text file.

Terminology used: Comments = Notes = Topics. In memoQWeb (on the Discussion tab), comments/notes are visible as discussion topics. You can leave a note for the document or the segment, but also start a discussion which can then be monitored and followed in memoQWeb.

You can start a discussion:

from within the Communication tab which are project topics,

on a document level: click the Discussions icon next to a document in the Translations pane > Documents,

or on segment level.

Note: The Discussion tab in the Notes dialog for document and segment level is not visible in local projects, only in checked out online projects.

When a document or segment has a comment, the Discussion icon looks like this:

When a document or segment has no comment, the Discussion icon looks like this:

Document level:

Select a document in Project home > Translations pane. Double click the Discussions icon () to open the Notes dialog:

Leave a note for a document. In the Add note section, choose a Severity level (Information, Warning, Error, Other). The Applies to drop-down list is grayed out here, it applies to the Document by default. Enter a text in the Comment text field. Click OK to add a topic for this document. Click Cancel to cancel the Notes dialog.

After you added a note (topic) to a document, the topic icon changes to .

Note: When you slice a document, then only the master document can have document level notes (comments) and discussions - not the document slices.

Segment level:

Open a document from the Translations pane > Documents tab. In the translation grid, double click the Comments bubble icon. The Notes dialog appears. The Notes dialog has 2 tabs: Notes and Discussion:

Note: When you click the Edit icon next to a comment, the Comment text field turns green (editing mode) to edit a note.

Note: The Discussion tab is only visible in checked out local copies of online projects, not in local projects.

The Notes tab is similar to the Notes dialog on document level. The Discussion tab is similar to the project topics from the Communication tab. See Commenting.


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