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In an online project, the unit of assignment was one document, but some documents can be large to be handled by one translator alone. Prior to memoQ 6, the project manager had to create views from a large document in a local project, and then publish the views in an online project. The divide documents (Slicing) feature of memoQ server 6 and higher eliminates this extra work. A project manager can divide a document in an online project into multiple parts by:

assigning the document to multiple users, and dividing the documents; or by

dividing the documents up front using the Slice command, and then assigning the parts.

In both cases, memoQ server divides the document first, and then performs the assignments. If the document is divided when it is assigned to a set of users, the parts will be assigned one by one to each user. If the selection contains more users than parts, the project manager needs to select the final list of users from a list.

No subvendor assignment for sliced documents: If a project contains sliced documents, the document slices cannot be assigned to subvendors.

How to begin

1. Create an online project.

2.Assign users to the project. Go to Overview > People. Click the Add new user link. Select the users or a group, then click OK. The users are now listed on the Project users tab.

3.Go to the Translations pane, select a document, then right-click the selected document you want to divide, select Slice. The Slice document dialog appears:

In the Unit of measurement section, you can select how to measure the content in the document's parts. Choose from the options: Words, Characters or Segments.

In the Quick split into equal parts section, enter the Number of equal parts in the text field next to it. Click the Calculate ranges button. memoQ now divides the document into equal parts, the document split is displayed in the Document ranges section.

In the Document ranges section, the document name is displayed next to Document. In the list, the parts of the documents are shown:

 Part: In this row, all document parts are listed.

 Document range: The range, based on segments, is listed for each split.

 Segment #: The total amount of segments for this document part is shown.

 Character #: The total amount of characters for this document part is shown.

 Word #: The total amount of words for this document part is shown.

 Content %: The percentage, based on the whole document, for this document split is shown.

Note: The bar displays the document splits.

Split into equal parts is available when a single item in the Document ranges list is selected. The following dialog appears:

This dialog allows the user to split the document into equal parts. Enter the number of parts for the document in the text field.

Merge is enabled if at least two adjacent items are selected in the list, and merges the items into one.

Shrink/grow is available if a single item from the list is selected, and there are at least two items in the list. The following dialog appears:

You can enter specific row numbers for the start and end of the range. As soon as the input field changes, all the other values in the grey boxes are re-calculated.

If the selected item is the first or the last in the list, the cells in the first or the third row are left empty.

Note: After you finished dividing the document, the document parts are displayed in the Translations pane. The master document, where the splitting is based on, is shown in yellow. You can right-click this document, and select Collapse/Extend to either collapse or show the document splitting.

4. Click OK to divide the document. Click Cancel to cancel the document splitting.

5. Assign users to the divided document parts. Right-click the document splits, select Assign, or use the Auto-assign command links below the Document list.

Note: When a document is divided, the document parts become the units of assignment. If the entire document was previously assigned to users, those assignments are disabled, and the document as a whole can no longer be checked out. Master reviewers and project managers are an exception: they can check out and view the document, but even they cannot commit changes to the master copy on the server. Two non-contiguous parts of the same master document cannot be assigned to the same user.

Note: When a document is divided, its parts as a unit of assignment are only references to the main document, marking the first and last segment in the part to work on. Users checking out the project will receive the entire document. The segments that do not belong to the particular document range are read-only.

Sliced documents have the following icon in the online PM window:

IMPORTANT: When you divide a document, you cannot use FirstAccept, GroupSourcing, or subvendor assignment for the document slices.


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