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You may want to send your client a monolingual document to review. The monolingual review works for all monolingual file formats. This document could be the translated DOCX file which you export using Export (dialog) or Export (stored path) on the Documents ribbon tab. Then you send this document to the client.

The client may give it to a reviewer. The reviewer can be a lawyer, a product manager in the corporation of your client or other people like a designer. The reviewer reviews the document in its original format and makes changes to the document; then the client sends the document back for you to implement the changes. The time you need to implement these changes depends on how substantial the changes are.

Choose Monolingual Review > Import Reviewed Document button on the Documents ribbon tab to import the reviewed document. memoQ uses its integrated alignment to check the changes and to align the original translated segments with the changed segments. After you applied the changes to the document, the translations are updated. You save time and effort implementing the changes from your client.

To see the changes from your clients' reviewer, open the document in memoQ after you applied the review. Then you have 2 possibilities:

1. Click the funnel icon to open the Specify segment status dialog. On the Conflicts and changes tab, check the Modified after check box, then select a date from the drop-down list next to this check box. The document is now filtered for all modifications after the entered date. The date is most likely the date you send the document to the reviewer.

2. Turn on Track changes: Against Last Delivered Version or Custom. The changes are now visible in the segments. You can filter for track changes. Click the funnel icon to open the Specify segment status dialog. On the 2nd tab, check the Change tracked check box to filter for segments containing track changes.


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