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Sometimes you might be requested to deliver the documents at different times and not all at once. When your project manager uses the packaged-based workflow for online projects, then he has the option to allow a partial delivery of files.

Follow the steps below for a partial delivery of files:

1.After you finished the first files of the project, select the files in the Documents tab of the Translations pane.

2.Connect to the memoQ server of your customer. Select the memoQ server from the Server URL drop-down list in the Dashboard. Then click Select. When you now click the Deliver/return button on the Documents ribbon tab, the return package is automatically created and uploaded to the memoQ server of your customer for only those files you have selected.

Note: If you have no access to the memoQ server, a *.mqback return package is created instead.

Note: You can only deliver fully translated documents.


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