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When you extract terms from the source documents, translation memories or LiveDocs corpora in your project, memoQ displays the candidate list in a candidate list editor tab. In this tab, you can clean up, filter, edit, and reconfigure the candidate list. You can also confirm candidates that will be added to a term base created from the candidate list.

In the candidate list editor, memoQ shows the list of term candidates that belong to a term extraction session. This list is saved in a project.


How to begin

On the Preparation ribbon tab, choose Extract Terms.

If you have not previously performed term extraction in the current project, memoQ displays the Extract candidates dialog. Adjust the options for term extraction, and click OK. memoQ extracts terms from the selected document, translation memories, or LiveDocs corpora, and displays the candidate list in the candidate list editor tab.

If you have previously extracted terms in the current project, memoQ displays the Extract terms dialog, where you can choose an existing session, or start a new session. If you choose to work with an existing session, memoQ loads the candidate list, and displays it in the candidate list editor. If you choose to start a new session, memoQ displays the Extract candidates dialog where you can adjust options for term extraction again.


Columns of the candidate list

Navigating and editing the list

Filtering and cleaning up the candidate list

Filling in translation, using concordance and the term base hits

Controlling the session


Use Ctrl+Tab to switch to another tab. Alternatively, you can click the other tab. Click the button or press Ctrl+F4 to close the tab.

Note: The candidate list is automatically saved with all changes. When you close the candidate list editor tab, the candidate list and your changes are saved.