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Using this dialog, you can control how memoQ performs lookups in the EuroTermBank online terminology service.

EuroTermBank is an accumulated online term base consisting of more than 600,000 entries of more than 1,500,000 terms.


How to begin

In the memoQ application menu, go to Options > Options, then click the Terminology plugins category. In the Installed terminology plugins list, find EuroTermBank. Then, below the copyright notice, click Options.


Important: At the time of writing, access to the EuroTermBank portal is free of charge for licensed users of memoQ. You will not be prompted for a service URL, a user name, or a password.

Only exact matches radio button: Click this if you want to receive exact matches only. This means that EuroTermBank will return matches only if the headword in the terminology entry is exactly the same as the expression you are looking up – or the expression in the source cell if memoQ performs EuroTermBank lookups with term base lookups while working in the translation grid.

Any match above threshold radio button and spin box: EuroTermBank can perform fuzzy and linguistic lookups (when it searches for linguistic stems of the lookup expression). You can set the minimum match rate (a percentage) in the spin box next to the radio button.

Note: This applies to automatic lookups only; memoQ will retrieve all matches if you use manual lookup. EuroTermBank hits have the following icon in the Translation results pane:


Click Cancel to leave the dialog without modifying settings. Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog. Clicking Apply will save the settings and keep the dialog open.

This plugin is disabled by default. Check the Enable plugin check box, then click Apply or OK.