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When you work on a document in memoQ, you can add comments. Comments on segment level are also exported in a Two-column RTF format.

How to begin

In the Translations pane of Project home – either on the Documents or the Views tab –, select one or more documents or views, and choose Export > Export Bilingual on the Documents ribbon tab. Alternatively, you can right-click the selected documents or views, and choose Export bilingual from the popup menu.

Choose the Two-column RTF export option. Leave the default options, and click Export.

When you open the RTF file in Word, you will find all comments in the Comment column. Comments are separated by a hard return.

You can also add comments in the Comment column in the RTF file.

Note: When you update your document in your memoQ project with the Two-column RTF, then the comment is applied to the entire row. The severity level is set to Information.

Note: When you import a Two-column RTF file into your memoQ project that has no corresponding file to be updated, then the document is imported as new. Has the document several comments in a comment cell, all comments are imported as new comment from each item.


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