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In this dialog, you can export the current project in a STAR Transit project package. You can either export the project for returning to the STAR Transit environment (hand back), or for forwarding for another round of processing, either in memoQ or STAR Transit.

Important: You cannot export a project into a STAR Transit package if the original memoQ project was not imported from a Transit project. Transit NXT projects can be exported to Transit NXT packages, and Transit XV projects can be exported to Transit XV packages only. (In other words, memoQ cannot convert Transit XV projects into Transit NXT projects, or vice versa.)

How to begin

On the Documents ribbon tab, choose Export > Export Transit Package.

Note: The Export Transit package command is available only if the current memoQ project was originally imported from a STAR Transit project.

Note: When you imported the Transit package in an online project, click the Export Transit Package link in the Translations pane.


In the Export file path text box, type the location and name of the Transit package file that you want to create. Alternatively, click the button to browse for a folder and specify a file name.

By default, memoQ will create a delivery package (in case of Transit NXT projects, it is a .tpf file). If you want to forward the project for further processing – either in memoQ or STAR Transit –, click the Export for forwarding check box. Then the file is exported as PXF file. If you do not check this check box, then a TXF file is exported.


Click OK to export the project into a STAR Transit package. Click Cancel to return to memoQ without exporting the project.