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You can show the track changes in a document between 2 minor versions or a minor version and the current state of the document. When you are the project manager, you may want to see the changes from the reviewer in an overview. You can do this from the History/Reports dialog.



How to begin

Select a document on the Translations pane of Project home, and click the History/Reports button on the Project ribbon tab. Alternatively, right-click on the document's name and select History/Reports.

The History and reports dialog allows you to compare two source or target versions of the same document, or allows you to see all reports relating to a document. The History and reports dialog consists of two tabs, Versioning and Reports.

The Versioning tab contains two sections: Major versions of document and Minor versions of document. The contents of the Minor versions of document section depend on the major version, and change if you select a different major version from the upper list. Select the versions you wish to export the changes to a Word file. Then click the Export difference as change-tracked Word file link. The changes are now exported in a Word document.

Note: You can also export changes to a Word document even if the document you imported into your memoQ project is not a Word document. The export works for all file formats.

Exported information

The exported file is named as the following: [document name] [selected versions] [date].

The export path will be the default one.

All memoQ comments are exported. Depending on the severity level for your highlighted text, the color information is also exported into Word:

ored for error

oblue for information

oyellow for warning

ogreen for other

The MS Word options for track changes are used. You need to activate track changes in Word if it is not automatically activated. Example: In the screenshot, the word "Inhaltsverzeichnis" was changed to "Inhalt" in memoQ, this information is exported from memoQ to MS Word.

The comments from memoQ are shown as comments in Word.

The comments in Word also show the user who entered the comment in memoQ and the time stamp. You need to hower over the comment in Word to see this information.