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memoQ version 4.2 and later include support for external terminology providers. These are portals that offer online terminology lookups. They might also allow registered users to contribute to the contents of the database behind the terminology portal.

The first terminology portal that memoQ links to this way is EuroTermBank (http://www. eurotermbank.com). EuroTermBank is maintained by the EuroTermBank consortium, consisting of various companies and institutions from eight European countries. The EuroTermBank database contains over 1 million entries in 27 languages (over 2 million terms altogether).

Since memoQ 2014, the TaaS terminology plugin is also supported.

To use terminology plugins in memoQ, go to the memoQ application menu > Options > Options, then, in the category list, click Terminology plugins. Then, you need to check the Enable plugin check box below the title of the terminology service you are interested in.


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