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Use this dialog to control how memoQ extracts possible terms from your source documents, LiveDocs corpora, or translation memories. As a result, you will get a list of candidates that you can clean up, filter, and edit before you add them to a term base.

You can also make the list of candidates available for lookup as a term base.

How to begin

On the Preparation ribbon tab, choose Extract Terms. You need to open or create a project before you can use this command.

Note: If you have previously run term extraction in the same project, memoQ displays the Extract terms dialog instead of this one. To display this dialog box from the Extract terms command, click Term Extraction Sessions (available on the Preparation ribbon tab).


Session name

Sources section

Options section

Stop words


Click OK to start the term extraction process. At the end of the process, memoQ displays the list of candidates in a candidate list editor tab.

Click Cancel to close the dialog without extracting terms.