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Sometimes abbreviations prevent a correct segmentation of your document. For example, segments are split after Prof. Dr. Max Mustermann. You can manually join these segments or add the abbreviation Prof. Dr. to your abbreviation list, and have memoQ resegment your documents in applying the newly added abbreviation.

How to begin

Invoke the Find New Abbreviations dialog when you open a document, by choosing Find Abbreviations () on the Preparation ribbon tab. First, you need to define the scope for finding abbreviations:

Project, Selected documents, Open documents, Work on views, Active document, From cursor, Selection. Select your scope, then click OK. memoQ now tries to find abbreviation candidates. If candidates are found, memoQ displays them:


In the Abbreviations section, choose:

the Abbreviation radio button to save the found candidates as abbreviations to your segmentation rule;

the Proper name radio button to save the found candidates as proper names to your segmentation rule;

the Abbreviation before number radio button to save the found candidates as an abbreviation before a number.

All candidates are listed and automatically checked to be added. Click the Clear all link to uncheck all checked candidates.

In the Resegment documents section, the Resegment documents now check box is checked by default to resegment all documents indicated in your scope.

Note: If you work in a checked out online project with the default remote segmentation rule, then you cannot add found abbreviation candidates to it.



Click OK to add the candidates to your abbreviations list in your segmentation rule, and resegment your document(s). Click Cancel to discard the found abbreviation candidates.


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