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In the Options dialog (accessible in the Application menu or from the Quick Access Toolbar), you can control the overall behavior of memoQ. You can also adjust the default light resources for any new projects.

The Options dialog has the following categories:

Default resources: Configuring default light resources (segmentation rules, QA settings, ignore lists etc.) for new projects.

Appearance: Font and color settings for the translation grid and the Translation results pane.

Spell and grammar: Configuration of the spelling checker. You can install Hunspell dictionaries here.

Advanced lookup settings: Settings for the Longest Substring Concordance (automatic translation memory concordance) feature and Fragment assembly settings.

Keyboard shortcuts: Configuration page for keyboard shortcuts for common memoQ actions.

Locations: Locations of memoQ folders: default project folder, translation memory folder etc.

Updates and news: Configuring and checking for program updates.

Machine translation: Options to control the machine translation plugins that access external machine translation services. This category is not visible if no machine translation plugins are installed.

Terminology plugins: Enabling, disabling, and configuring various terminology plugins.

TM plugins: Enabling, disabling, and configuring access to federated or community translation memory services.

Miscellaneous: Various settings that control the behavior of the editing interface of memoQ.