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memoQ allows you to jump to specific segments when you are working on a document. In the Go to next segment dialog, you can set the properties of segments you want to jump to afterwards. Practically, you set up conditions on the segments you want to review, and jump through these segments using the Ctrl+G key shortcut or the Go to Next button on the Edit ribbon tab.

The Go to next segment dialog also allows you to jump to a segment by typing in its number.

How to begin

While editing a document in the translation grid, choose Go to Next > Settings on the Edit ribbon tab, or press Ctrl+Shift+G. To jump to the next segment meeting the conditions set in the Go to next segment dialog, choose Go to Next from the Edit menu, or press Ctrl+G.

Jumping to a segment by number

Type the number of the segment you want to jump to in the Row number box (in the lower-right corner of the dialog), then click OK.

Note: This has no effect on the Go to Next command afterwards.

Setting segment properties for jumping

Before you can use the Go to next command, you should revise the Go to Next Settings in the dialog of the same name. The dialog has four tabs:

Common filters: a simple choice of segment status filters

Status: the full choice of segment status filters

Updates and synchro: See if the document was modified by another user

Comments and tags: filter segments by the text in comments and inline tags

Note: If you select more check boxes among the filtering options (maybe even across different tabs), memoQ will jump to the segments that match all specified settings. In formal logic, this is called an 'AND' relationship. If you specify criteria that are not met by any of the segments of the selected translation documents, memoQ will not perform the jump.

automatically jump section:

automatically jump after confirmation: select this check box to jump to the next segment of the specified type(s) whenever you confirm a segment. When you translate, clicking the Confirm, Confirm and Overwrite or Confirm Without Update commands (pressing Ctrl+Enter or Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcut keys) will not jump to the next segment but to the next specified segment.

Direction section:

This section enables you to set the direction of jumping.

Down: Select this radio button to jump forward from the current segment.

Up: Select this radio button to jump backward from the current segment. This does not apply to jumping after confirmation, you can only jump backward if you press Ctrl+G.


Click OK to save the settings and to jump to a segment that matches your go to next criteria. If you type in a number in the Row number box, memoQ jumps to this row number after you clicked OK. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without saving the settings. You can also click Remember and memoQ will remember the settings you made and will jump to the next segment accordingly after you clicked OK. If you specify a segment status (e.g. unconfirmed, contains error, etc.) then memoQ jumps to the first segment of that status. When you confirm this segment, memoQ jumps automatically to the next segment that fulfills your go to next segment criteria.

If you define nothing, memoQ simply goes to the next segment when you confirm a segment.