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An ignore list is a list of words that will not be marked as error during spell checking. In MS Word, this is called a custom dictionary. Custom dictionaries are by default stored here in Word: AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\UProof.

You can import and export custom dictionaries from Word as ignore lists.

How to begin

Invoke the Ignore lists category of the Settings pane in Project home or the Ignore list pane of the Resource console. Click the Import from Word link to import a Word dictionary into memoQ. Click the Export to Word link to export your ignore list as Word dictionary.


After you imported your dictionaries from Word, memoQ can use them to perform spell checking on a word-by-word basis. Words, for spelling, are defined as a sequence of non-whitespace characters, surrounded by whitespace or segment boundary. Before asking the spell check engine, memoQ first looks up the word in the ignore lists. If the word is found in any of these, it is considered to be OK, and the speller itself is not invoked.

Important: You need to specify a locale, e.g. German (Germany) to be able to import a dictionary from Word. If you do not specify a locale and only export e.g. German, or if you only use custom dictionaries in Word, you cannot import these dictionaries. Dictionaries need to have a LCID in Word.


Click OK to save your changes to the filter configuration. Click Cancel to leave the dialog without saving the changes.


See also:

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