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When you translate your document in the translation grid, you can insert matches from the Translation results list. The inserted result can be a fuzzy match or an exact match from a translation memory, or a LiveDocs corpus. Translation results can also show a MT match if you have a machine translation plugin configured. You can also insert matches by running pre-translation on the project or selected documents. Matches are also inserted when you X-translate your project or documents from previous versions of the documents.

After a match is inserted in a target cell, you can make changes, and then confirm the segment by pressing Ctrl+Enter. This sends the updated translation to the working TM of the project.

memoQ stores tracking information about the inserted match. You can view it in the View pane, under Review / Inserted match:

To check for changes made to the inserted match, click the Track changes button on the Review ribbon tab, and choose Against Last Inserted Match. This will turn on track changes for inserted matches.

In the View pane, click the Review button to switch to the Review pane. The Inserted match section shows you the match rate and the origin of the match, plus the name of the user who saved the segment. (This information comes from the document, not from the TM.). Then you can do one of two things:

Click the Show change in editor to show the difference from the inserted match and the source.

Click the Turn off track changes in editor to turn off track changes.

You can also filter for inserted matches. Click the funnel icon at the top of the translation grid. The Specify segment status dialog appears. Click the Conflicts and changes tab, and, in the Inserted match section, choose from these options:

Inserted match has been edited: This matches every row where an inserted match has been recorded and the row's current target segment is different from the recorded target segment.

Translated from scratch: This matches every row where no inserted match  has been recorded.