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INX is a document exchange format of the desktop publishing application Adobe® InDesign®. memoQ currently fully supports INX files created in versions up to CS6 of InDesign®.

The new document exchange format, "IDML is an XML-based format for representing InDesign content. Essentially, it is a major revision of INX, InDesign's previous XML-based file format. IDML addresses INX shortcomings, in an effort to represent InDesign content in a human-readable format—something that can be reasonably assembled and disassembled by a competent XML programmer." (Source: Adobe InDesign Markup Language (IDML) Cookbook, Adobe System Incorporated, 2008)

memoQ fully supports importing and exporting IDML files.

You can use Language Terminal to upload INDD files, and have them converted to MQXLZ files to be imported into memoQ. You can then use Language Terminal to convert the translated files back into INDD files.

Note: Language Terminal currently uses CS7.

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