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This dialog allows you to start the notification chain of an online project. First, memoQ server sends the initial e-mail to the participants with information on accessing the online project. After this, when there is a change in the workflow status of a document, memoQ server sends further e-mail notifications to the participants and the project manager according to the Communication settings that you can set up in the Settings pane of the memoQ online project window.

How to begin

In the Manage projects dialog, select an online project on a memoQ server, then click Manage. This displays the memoQ online project window.

In the upper-left corner of the memoQ online project window, click the Launch project icon.


This dialog controls the initial e-mail notifications only. If you check the Attach project distribution file check box, memoQ server attaches a file to the initial e-mails. After you receive an initial e-mail, you can double-click this file: the memoQ desktop program automatically starts, connects to the memoQ server that hosts the project, and checks out the project as well. You might need to type your password.

Important: To control how memoQ server sends further notification e-mails, use the Communications tab in the Settings pane of the memoQ online projects dialog.

Tip: To view the e-mails sent by the memoQ server, use the Overview pane of the memoQ online projects dialog. In the Overview pane, click the History tab, and look at the Notification history section.


Click OK to send the initial e-mail, and start the notification chain for the project. Click Cancel to close the dialog without sending e-mails.