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In this dialog, you can control the behavior of the Let's MT machine translation plugin.

How to begin

In the memoQ application menu, go to Options > Options. Alternatively, click the Options icon in the Quick Access Toolbar. The Options dialog appears. Click the Machine translation category, select the Let's MT plugin, click Options.


In the Login details section, enter your user name and password here. Click the Check login link to test your credentials.

In the Language pair and engine section, click the Refresh link. It lists all available systems in the text box. When you check the Only running systems check box, only currently running systems are listed. Select a language pair in the text box and an engine. Then click Select.

Your selection is displayed next to Language pair and Engine. Now specify the Confidence level, enter the percentage in the text box.


Click OK to save the settings. Click Cancel to leave this dialog without making changes.

Check the Enable plugin check box, then click Apply or OK.