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The Log in to a server dialog appears whenever you try to connect to a memoQ server for the first time. Normally, you would type your user name and password here, but – depending on the settings of the server – you might be able to log in with your Language Terminal account or your Windows user name.


How to begin

There are many places in memoQ where you can choose a server:

in the Check out online project dialog,

in the Resource console;

in the resource panes (Translation memories, Term bases, Livedocs) in a project,

and, if you are running the project manager edition,

in the Project manager dashboard,

in the Manage projects dialog, or

in the Publish local project wizard.

In these places, you will see a Server URL box, where you can type the address of a memoQ server. When you type the address of a server you have not used yet, and you click the tick mark or the Select button, the Log in to a server dialog appears.

Login is different when adding an ELM server: If you need to use an ELM license, and you click to add a new ELM server in the Activation dialog or in the Activation wizard, a different login dialog appears. You cannot choose from existing servers in this dialog: you always need to type or paste an address, and specify a user name and a password.


Typing a user name and a password

Using your Language Terminal profile

Logging in with your Windows user

If the login fails or you change your mind

If the memoQ server does not allow you in, or you click Cancel, memoQ might ask for the password once again - this depends on the situation. If you do not choose a different server (or My Computer) after this, the server's address will be displayed in red in the server selector box.

If, for any reason, you cannot or would not log in to the server after all, make sure you connect to a different server, or choose My Computer in the server selector box. Otherwise, memoQ might bring up the Log in to server dialog again from time to time.