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To use a term base, you need to add it to your project (use project-level term base management or global-level term base management).

Note: To be able to use a term base that is not available (i.e. visible) in memoQ (even if it is a local term base saved on your hard drive – this is the case, for example, if you receive a term base by e-mail from another memoQ user), you need to register it. To register a local term base, use the Register local command in the Resource console or on the Term bases ribbon tab. To set a remote term base for synchronization, click the Synchronize offline command in the respective dialog.

Though multiple term bases can be linked to every project, only one of them can rank first  in which memoQ stores your newly created terminology by default. If you rank a term base first, the hits will be displayed first in the translation result pane (see term base prioritization).

Building term bases

There are several ways to add term base entries to a term base:

When you use memoQ and have at least one term base added to the project, the program stores terms you create in this term base. If multiple term bases were added to the project, the term base being ranked is used.

If you have previously used another CAT or terminology tool, you can export your terminology from them to be imported to memoQ. Term bases can be exported to a CSV file and then imported to memoQ.

You can also add entries into the term base manually by means of the term base edit view.

You can also add language versions to an entry manually by using the popup menu in the Translation results pane.

You can also add entries into the term base manually by means of the Look up term dialog.