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In the View pane, you can toggle the view between HTML preview, which is the translation preview of your document, and Review, which lists you the QA warnings and the inserted match for the segment where you currently have the cursor in.

You can also invoke the HTML preview or Review from the View menu, choose View Pane Content, and then select the view you would like to use in the View pane. Click the Review button in the View pane.

In the QA warnings section, the QA warnings are displayed:

Check the Ignore check box when you want to ignore a warning. When you ignore a warning, the orange flash turns into a light blue one.

Click the Refresh icon next to the Ignore check box to refresh the QA warnings list.

Note: The QA warnings are displayed according to your QA settings you are using for this project.

Note: If there are LQA warnings, they are also displayed in the Review view below the QA warnings. Click here to learn more.

Note: Click the icon to turn a QA error into an LQA error. The LQA Settings dialog appears, and you can categorize the error.