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This dialog appears when you start memoQ for the first time, and choose to use the Activation dialog instead of the Activation wizard. This dialog allows you to enter or obtain your serial number, and retrieve your licenses to use memoQ.

How to begin

If you start memoQ for the first time, and the Activation wizard starts automatically, click the blue link at the bottom of the first page of the wizard.


If you have not used memoQ before on your computer, and you wish to obtain a new serial number along with a 45-day trial license, click I wish to obtain my serial number now, and click OK. See the section "Obtaining a new serial number and a trial license" for more information.

Otherwise, if you already have a serial number, fill in the Licensed to, Company, and E-mail fields. Make sure you enter a valid e-mail address. Click I already have a serial number, and enter your serial number in the boxes below that label. Once this is done, click OK.

Note: If you click Cancel, memoQ will start without licenses. In that case, you will not be able to use any of its functionality before you invoke either the Activation wizard or the memoQ Activation dialog again, and retrieve your licenses.

After you click OK, memoQ retrieves the licenses that belong to your serial number, and displays the "regular" Activation dialog.

Important: Check the Active edition field in the Activation dialog. If it shows "none", you still have no active licenses. If you are certain that you entered all details correctly, and you still cannot obtain your licenses, contact Kilgray to check them or obtain/purchase new ones.

Obtaining a new serial number and a trial license

If you choose to obtain a new serial number, memoQ displays this dialog box:

You must fill in fields where the field label is set in bold. You need to specify a valid e-mail address so that Kilgray knows you are a real person. Kilgray warrants that it will not use your contact details for purposes other than communication related to memoQ, and it will not pass on your details to third parties. For more information, see the privacy policy. Click the View privacy policy link to display the privacy policy in a separate window.

Fill in the details, and click OK. memoQ contacts Kilgray's central activation server to retrieve your new serial number and trial license. Once this is finished, memoQ displays the "regular" Activation dialog.

Important: You cannot obtain a serial number and a trial license twice for the same computer. The central activation server can detect if your computer was previously given a serial number and a license, and it will deny the request the second time. If you have already requested a serial number for the same computer, you need to look up and use your earlier serial number. If you forgot or lost your serial number, contact Kilgray.