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memoQ's LiveDocs technology allows you to reuse existing translations without going through a translation memory. You can also use it to add background material to the project. In the LiveDocs pane of the memoQ online project dialog, you can manage LiveDocs corpora and the underlying documents.

Note: The LiveDocs pane of the memoQ  online project dialog is similar in appearance and functionality to the LiveDocs pane of the Resource console.

How to begin

Open an online project for management: On the Project ribbon tab, choose Manage projects. In the Manage projects dialog, select the project you want to manage, and click the Manage command link below the list. In the memoQ online project dialog, click the LiveDocs icon on the left.


The LiveDocs pane has two major sections: the upper section shows the available LiveDocs corpora, while the lower section shows the underlying documents in a LiveDocs corpus. Therefore, if you select one corpus in the upper section, the contents of the lower section changes.

Note: The memoQ online project dialog displays only those LiveDocs corpora that are stored on the memoQ server where the online project is. You cannot add local LiveDocs corpora or LiveDocs corpora from other servers. If you want to use local LiveDocs corpora in an online project, you need to upload and publish them on the memoQ server. You can do this using the Resource console.

Given that the LiveDocs pane is divided into two major sections, there are buttons on the top that allow you to show or hide certain parts to enable an efficient working environment.

For more information refer to the

list of LiveDocs corpora or

list of underlying documents.

Note: LiveDocs corpora are multilingual. If you add the very first document to a corpus that does not yet have the project's source language, then it means a bilingual export and import.

Controlling the view

Because the screen space to work with LiveDocs corpora is limited, there are various ways to hide parts and controls you do not need. You can control the view using the five buttons above the list of available corpora.

: Shows or hides the filter for the list of LiveDocs corpora. The filter controls are hidden by default.

: Shows or hides the commands for the list of LiveDocs corpora. The commands are visible by default.

: Shows the list of corpora only. The documents in the selected corpus are not displayed.

: Shows both the list of corpora, and the documents in the highlighted corpus. This is the default setting.

: Shows the documents in the selected corpus only. The list of corpora is not displayed.


To switch to another pane in in the memoQ online project dialog, click its icon. The name of the active pane is set in bold. To exit the memoQ online project dialog, click the Close () button in the top right corner.