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You can create a package from an online project, similar to creating a handoff package for local projects.

Important: When you create a new online project, you need to check the Allow package creation check box to be able to create packages for this online project later on. If you do not check this check box on project creation, the Packages pane will not be available.

Before you can create packages, you need to assign users to the documents, and you need to launch the project. Then the packages appear in the Package overview of the Packages pane:

How to begin

Open an online project for management: On the Project ribbon tab, choose Manage projects. In the Manage projects dialog, select the project you want to manage, and click the Manage command link below the list. In the memoQ online project dialog, click the Packages icon on the left.


Package overview section:

The package overview is displayed after you launched the project. All packages are listed. Click the Download icon () to download the package. When you click the Download icon, a dialog appears to save the package (*.mqout file). Click the Download all packages link to download all packages into one folder at once.


Delivery overview section:

After you downloaded a package, it is displayed in the Delivery overview section, and the Delivery icon () is shown. Click the Delivery icon to import back a package (*.mqback file). Partial deliveries are possible if you have this option enabled.

If the translator delivers while being connected to your memoQ server, the package is automatically uploaded and displayed here.

Click the Arrow icon to show or hide a package in the Package overview and the Delivery overview sections. If you have a lot of packages in the package and delivery overview, use the scroll bar to navigate to a package or use the Arrow icons to hide packages.


Update/delivery options section:

Allow partial delivery: Check this check box to enable a partial delivery of the package contents. This is helpful when you sent out a package with a lot of translatable content, but you need parts (documents) back when ready.

Perform confirm and update on delivery: This check box is checked by default. When a package is delivered, the project is updated, and the segments confirmed. In the Update the following segments, you can select the segment status in the package to update these segments in your project: Edited, Confirmed, Locked, Proofread, 100% or 101% pre-translated. By default, the check boxes for Confirmed and Proofread are checked.


Reset project section:

You can reset a project in clicking the Reset project link which does the same as the clean notification history command. Resetting a project clears all previously created packages and e-mail notifications, and allows re-launching the project. All project participants will be notified when the project is launched again.


Click the arrow icons in the Package overview and Delivery overview to open or close package details. In the details section, the assigned role, the file names, and the deadline are displayed. In the Delivery overview, you see if a return package delivery was successful.


See also:

Set up an online project with package hub


Important: When you are a vendor and you receive such a package, here is how you can import the package in an online project on your memoQ server.