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There are situations when memoQ reports multiple 101% or 100% matches for a segment. Here is how this can happen:

If you are using only one translation memory, there will be only one 101% match.

If you are using multiple translation memories, it is possible that more than one TM has a 101% match for the current segment.

If you are using only one translation memory, and you receive multiple exact (100%) matches for the same segment, this will be because the TM is storing context with each segment. Two segments with the same text but different contexts are considered as two different segments for the purposes of ContexTM, and the segments will appear in multiple entries in the TM. In this case, you can receive one 101% match (always at the top of the Translation results list) and multiple 100% matches. Click each match in the Translation results pane to see the match rate at the bottom right of the screen.

The roles in TM feature enables you to store, apart from the already stored user information,  the memoQ role (Translator, Reviewer 1 or 2) of the person who committed the segment to the TM. It is also possible to have parallel entries from different roles in your TM, and you can suppress (penalize) hits by a given role so that for example the reviewer can only see legacy segments as 100/101% matches.

Multiple 100% and 101% matches can occur when you use more than one TM for your project, and they are not listed separately in the Statistics dialog. If you do not want to pay for 100% and 101% matches, but still want ambiguous matches checked, pre-translate with the following settings: Exact match, Only unambiguous matches. And set the segment status to Locked after pre-translation. When you now run Statistics, uncheck the Include locked rows check box, if you have this check box checked. All locked rows are now excluded from your analysis, including all unambiguous 100% and 101% matches. Only ambiguous 100% and 101% matches are left in the statistics to be checked.