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This pane displays the serial number, the active edition, and the full version number of your copy of memoQ. In addition, this is the place where you can activate memoQ, memoQ server (if there is one on the same computer), and change your serial number. In My memoQ, you can also check for updates, and connect your copy of memoQ to your Language Terminal account.

How to begin

In the upper left corner of the ribbon, click the memoQ tab. The memoQ application menu appears, and displays the My memoQ pane by default. If the My memoQ pane does not appear, click My memoQ in the menu.


This pane contains information on your serial number and the type of license of the memoQ copy you are using. The so-called CAL fingerprint is also shown here: send this to your project manager when she requests it, so that you can get a CAL license from a memoQ server.

The pane also shows your current memoQ edition and version number.


Activate your copy of memoQ here, using one of these commands (click the names of the commands to learn more):

Activation: Opens the memoQ activation dialog where you can update your licenses, and take, manage, or return ELM and CAL licenses.

Activation Wizard: Opens the Activation wizard that guides you through activating your copy or updating your licenses.

Server Activation: Opens the Server activation program where you can activate memoQ server – this works only if memoQ server is installed on the same computer.

Change Serial: Opens the Change serial dialog where you can enter a different serial number for your copy of memoQ, and update the licenses for the new serial number.


Check for Updates will check if updates are available for your copy of memoQ. If an update is available, you can choose to update memoQ when you close it.

Language Terminal

In the Language Terminal section, you can connect your copy of memoQ to Language Terminal. Click My Language Terminal Account to sign in to Language Terminal with your user name and password. If you are already connected to Language Terminal, you can to open your Language Terminal profile in the default Web browser, and you can also change or remove your sign-in details.