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This pane helps you create a new project in memoQ. It displays several commands and options, and allows you to create projects from templates, and check out or import projects that were created elsewhere.

How to begin

In the upper left corner of the ribbon, click the memoQ tab. The memoQ application menu appears. In the menu, click New Project.


The New project pane has four sections.

New project from template

New Project From Template: Creates a local project using a template.

New Online Project From Template: Creates an online project using an online project template. Choose a memoQ server from the Server URL drop-down list below, then click Change server to connect to the selected server.

New project without template

New Project: Starts the New memoQ project wizard, and creates a new local project.

New Online Project: Displays the Create new online project dialog, creates a new online project on the server selected in the Server URL box, then opens the project in Project home. Create an online project on a different memoQ server: Enter a different memoQ server URL in the Server URL box, then click Change server.

Project created elsewhere

Check Out From Server: Opens the Check out online project dialog, where you can connect to a memoQ server and download a project from there. You need this if you were assigned a task in an online project.

Import Package: Allows you to choose a project package, and imports its contents. Depending on the type of the package, memoQ will start a different wizard. memoQ supports the following package types:

omemoQ handoff package

oSDL Trados Studio (SDLPPX)

oSTAR Transit

oSDL Worldserver

oTIPP package

Recently used templates

This section displays a list of recently used templates. The templates above the line are pinned; they are always visible. The templates below the vertical line are recently used templates.

Click the name of the template to start creating a new project using that template.

Hover over a template to display the pin/unpin icon. Click the pin icon to unpin a template.

See also: Add or manage project templates on the Project ribbon tab