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In this dialog, you can set a match rate penalty for a specific translation memory. This penalty is part of a TM settings set. If this TM settings set is active, whenever a translation memory match arrives from a translation memory, memoQ deduces the penalty amount from the match rate. For example, if a 80% match is found in the translation memory named "Rough_translations" (see the screenshot below), memoQ deduces 5 percent, so it will report a match rate of 75%.

How to begin

In the Edit TM Settings dialog, click the Add link below the TM penalties list.


TM name text box: Type the name of the translation memory that originates the translations you want to penalize. Whenever there is a translation memory from the specified translation memory, memoQ will apply the penalty.

Penalty text box: Type the amount of the penalty. This is the number of percents that memoQ will deduce from the original match rate if the match comes from the translation memory specified in the TM name box.


Click OK to add the translation memory penalty. Click Cancel to close the dialog without adding the penalty.