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The New translation memory dialog allows you to specify the properties of a new translation memory. When you finish entering information in this dialog and click OK, the new translation memory is physically created on your hard drive and registered within your installation of memoQ.

Note: If you choose to create a translation memory on a memoQ server, it will be created on the server instead of your hard drive. However, you need the project manager edition of memoQ to be able to do this, and you also need appropriate permissions on the server.


How to begin

In the Translation memories dialog of the New memoQ project wizard (third dialog), click Create/use new below the list of translation memories, or

In the Translation memories pane of the Resource console, click Create new below the list of translation memories, or

In the Translation memory pane of Project home, click Create/Use New on the Translation Memories ribbon tab, or

select a translation memory in any of the above locations, and click Clone below the list of translation memories.


General tab

Custom fields tab


After filling in all required information, click OK to create the translation memory. If you click Cancel, memoQ closes the dialog without creating a translation memory.