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In a project, you manage the lists of non-translatable expressions similarly to the way you manage translation memories or term bases.

How to begin

Open a project, then, in Project home, click Settings. In the main Settings pane, click the Non-translatables icon:


Non-translatable lists are standard light resources in memoQ. You can create, edit, import, export and use them similarly to other resources. Most of the functionality of this pane is described in the Help page for the Resource console.

The main difference is that, during translation, you can add non-translatable expressions to one of the non-translatable lists. From the translation grid, use the Add non-translatable command on the Translation or Review ribbon tab.

A memoQ project can have a primary non-translatable list where new non-translatable expressions are added during translation. If you use only one non-translatable list in your project, that is also the primary one. If you are using two or more non-translatable lists, you can select the primary one:

Select (click) the non-translatable list, then click the Set as primary link below the resource list, or

Right-click the non-translatable list, then, from the shortcut menu, choose Set as primary.