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When you are managing an online project, you cannot open a document by double-clicking its name. To view and edit document contents, you need to check out a local copy of the project.

There are two different ways to work on an online project as a project manager:

1.If you are adding documents to the project, assigning or re-assigning them to users, controlling what resources to use, or tracking e-mail communication – you need to manage the project. To do this, select the online project on the Dashboard or in the Manage projects dialog, and then click the Manage link below the list.
When you manage a project, the main tab of the memoQ window is called Online project. If you see the Online project tab, you know you cannot open the documents.

2.If you want to look at the contents of the documents, or make changes to the documents – you need to check out the project using the Check out an online project dialog. This will create a local copy of the online project on your computer. In this copy, you can open and edit documents. When you confirm a segment in the local copy, memoQ automatically saves the segment to the online project too.
When you are working in a local copy of an online project, the main tab of the memoQ window is called 'Project home': this is how you know you can edit the documents.

To summarize: To manage or configure the project, use the Project ribbon tab, then choose Manage projects. To make changes to documents, check out the project, and work with the local copy.

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