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This feature allows you to export a selected document as HTML format in an online project. You can save this document and open it for viewing. This is helpful when you do not want to check out an online project to check if the document import went according to your specifications.

How to begin

Open an online project for management in the Manage projects dialog. memoQ displays the project details in the memoQ online project dialog. In this dialog, navigate to the Translations pane: click the Translations icon on the left. Select one or more documents. Then right-click the document(s). Choose Export as HTML:


The Export as HTML feature has 2 options:

Export With Defaults: The document is exported into the default location (My Documents folder).

Specify Settings: Here you can define where the exported HTML view of the document should be stored. If it is a multilingual project and you are in the All language mode, you can also select the language pair:

Check the check boxes of those languages you want to export the document as HTML. Then click Next, and define a location. Click OK to generate the HTML view of the document(s).

After a successful export, the Export to HTML - success dialog appears:

Click the Open HTML file in browser link to open the HTML view in your browser.

Click the Open destination folder link to browse to the location where you stored the HTML view.

Then click OK.

The HTML view looks like the following: