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You set up your online project on the memoQ server. You import your documents and after the import, you would like to view your documents. You can either right click the document and view a HTML view in your browser, or, if you have memoQWebTrans, you can open the document in memoQwebTrans. This functionality is only available for online projects on memoQ servers that have memoQWebTrans installed. When you as the project manager opens an online project, memoQ will know if memoQWebTrans is installed. If memoQWebTrans is installed, you find a new command link below the document list of the Translations pane: Open in webTrans.

Click the Open in webTrans link to open the document in your default web browser. If you have selected multiple documents, then each document opens in a separate browser window.

If you are not yet logged in to memoQWebTrans, memoQ displays an authentication window where you need to enter your credentials.

When you open a document in memoQWebTrans, you can click the memoQWebTrans logo in the top left corner of the  page to continue working in WebTrans in going to the online tasks tab.