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Displays commands to open the Options dialog where you can configure almost all settings of memoQ, as well as the Proxy settings command that helps you activate memoQ through a proxy server. In addition, you can configure the Zen mode of memoQ.


How to begin

In the upper left corner of the ribbon, click the memoQ tab. The memoQ application menu appears. In the menu, click Options.


The Options pane has two sections:


Options: Opens the Options dialog where you can configure the behavior of memoQ. To open this dialog, you can also click the Options icon () in the Quick Access Toolbar in the top left corner of the memoQ window.

Proxy settings: Opens the Proxy settings dialog where you can set up how memoQ accesses the Internet. Your organization may or may not have a proxy server that comes between internal machines and the Internet.

The Zen

The Zen mode plays background music and sounds as you type. Some users find this soothing. You have three options:

Go Zen: Turns on the full Zen mode, complete with background music and typing sounds. If Zen mode is on, click this icon again to turn it off.

Mostly silent: If Zen mode is active, you can click this icon to turn the music off.

Do not press this button: Do as it says.